In the beginning .... a pair of Great Crested grebes attempted to breed in Roys Bay close to the marina (Oct '11 and '12). They failed time after time until October 2013. And then help was at hand and since then, with a great team of supporters 118 chicks have fledged from this area. The work continues.
But it’s not just all about Grebes. It’s also about caring for the future of the lake. And to care for it we need to understand and study the many life forms that inhabit this amazing body of water. We also need to invest in its future. That future is our children.

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Life of the Wanaka Grebes

Introducing footage of our birds on Platform 2

The camera is focused on platform 2 of the 15 platforms that we have installed at the marina. It is the most favoured of all nesting platforms with 12 broods of chicks fledged from it since we installed it in 2013. The pair breeding now laid their first egg of their clutch on 3rd November and are due to hatch on the 29th November.

During the next month or so you will be viewing archived footage. Subscribe to our YouTube channel to be notified when we upload more footage or begin a live stream. We currently have high quality footage being saved to disc 24/7 for future research purposes. This includes our nighttime footage - the camera has infrared function and we are capturing what we believe to be the first nighttime footage of Great Crested Grebes.

Upfront and big thanks are due to the many people who have made this project possible and the success it is. Firstly to the marina board and Steve Burrowes for access to the marina and power supply to the camera. To the many owners of boat berths on the marina who have allowed to us to share their berth with a nest platform, thank you heaps for your patience, cooperation and skill.

Thanks also goes to those who helped with technical advice and assistance during the installation of our camera- Paul Sutherland, Upper Clutha Electrical, Tim Jacobsen, D-Fi Wanaka, Ligs Hoffman, DOC (Dunedin) and Rangi Biddle of the Wellington City Council.


To check out our archived footage, and be notified when we're live, subscribe to our YouTube channel.

High quality footage is being recorded to disc and being made available to students so they're able to conduct data analysis on factors that may lead to reduced performance of the population (egg failure, chick loss, storm impacts etc)

Grebe Diary by Archie North

December 18, 2016

Hi I’m Archie North aged ten and I feel privileged to tell you about the amazing endangered grebes that live in our very own lake Wanaka. It all started when John (the awesom.......More here

Where to find us

Just ask a local where to find the marina - and bring your water bottle, there's a great spring to fill up nearby too

Nest map

Here's where you can find our nest numbers and where they are on the marina.
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